Samhain Visit

Samhain Visit – Jacqueline Nash

Here in my room with just a candle for light,
the flame flickering madly and not very bright,
I await for the love of my life to come in
on this October night we call Samhain.

Please don’t forget me, come to me tonight,
to put your lips to my lips and to hold me tight,
to see once again that beguiling smile,
to see your eyes so blue; if just for a while.

Suddenly a gust, the candle dies, darkness,
the door creaks open, I can feel his closeness,
his breath on the back of my neck blows gently,
then so quietly, he whispers softly to me.

“You would not want to kiss my lips now cold,
or feel the chill from my arms when in my hold,
do remember my smile and my eyes of blue,
and until your day comes, I will wait for you”.

I stand up, turn to face him, but he is not there,
I relight the candle, I search everywhere,
but I know he has gone back, has returned,
through the thin veil to the Otherworld. ©

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