Ride a White Stallion

Ride a White Stallion – Jacqueline Nash

Naked I rode the white stallion through open fields of emerald green.
Dusk had cast it’s dark shadows, where dangers lurked unseen.
Flying past the hedgerows he galloped at full speed,
tail flying high behind him, my trusted, faithful, white steed.

Our bodies were moulded together, our minds had become one mind.
With thoughts and feelings wide open, we were perfectly intertwined.
He was carrying me to safety, to where I could come to no harm,
rescuing me from great danger to a safe place where all was calm.

I could feel his powerful muscles, rippling sensually beneath me,
could hear the beating of his heart, fast, wild, strong and free.
He snorted with the exertion, nostrils flaring wide,
his hooves pounded the hard ground with each and every stride.

The sky was becoming much darker, as evening dusk turned into night,
but as the full moon shone so brightly, we were guided by it’s light.
I wanted the journey to go on forever, never wanted it to end,
because the intense love that encompassed me I wanted to extend.

Then I realised we were flying, like Pegasus soaring the skies he flew,
where the stars shone like diamonds on a backdrop of indigo blue.
I began to feel light headed, my body exhausted to the extreme,
so I clung to his neck even tighter, not wanting to wake from this dream. ©

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