Ecila in Rednowland

Ecila in Rednowland – Jacqueline Nash

Ecila sat with her younger brother
in the garden near the river,
where they enjoyed being together.
The sun shone brightly,
such lovely weather.

She saw the black rabbit clearly,
dressed very weirdly,
his pace was so slow,
he quietly muttered, surly,
“I’m really too early”.

He ambled towards a staircase
at a very slow pace,
the stairs were so high,
disappearing into the sky,
to an unknown space.

Ecila followed the rabbit quietly,
at the top there was a party
that was in full swing,
above the clouds, grooving,
everything moving.

They gave her a large pink drink
which she drank in a blink,
it made her feel strange
but soon she was flying,
what was conspiring?

Then a wormhole came into view,
with no clue of what to do
she was pulled through,
where she was quickly hurled
into another world.

She soon became aware of the fact
that this world was the exact
replica of the one just left,
when she bumped into her double,
she knew she was in trouble.

They looked strangely at each other,
Ecila had to quickly discover
how to get back,
so she just said “Hello,
but I really must go”.

She began to fall in slow motion,
ended up in the ocean
waves rocking her to and fro,
when she was awoken by her brother’s shaking,
shouting, “Let’s go in, it’s raining”.

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