Daggers – Jacqueline Nash

Like daggers your words struck me,
painfully, piercing my soul one by one,
they were cruel, diabolical and unnecessary
but now the damage has been done.

Those words cannot be unsaid, so unkind,
now spoken they hang in the realms of time,
etching themselves forever to the walls of my mind
and loving you had been my only crime.

You say you didn’t mean what you said,
that you’d had too much to drink; please, no,
that’s not so; I know you’re playing with my head,
playing mind games, controlling the show.

So, I really think we’d better call it a day,
there’s no point in carrying on this sad facade
when we both know there is nothing else left to say;
tragedy over, the final curtain call to this tirade. ©

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