Everything is Interconnected

Everything is Interconnected – Jacqueline Nash

Last night I dreamt that I could fly,
effortlessly, so weightless and free.
My spirit rose and touched the sky
and although alone I did not feel lonely,
for I felt connected to all I passed by
and felt everything connected to me.

I surveyed the earth from a great height,
the beauty below was amazing to see.
It stretched far and wide in my sight
showing nature’s wondrous scenery,
illuminated by the moon’s bright light
and the stars that twinkled all around me.

Rivers wound through forests of trees,
through patchworks of fields to the sea.
Cascading waterfalls in mountain ranges
splashing to the ground dramatically.
I could feel the slightest hint of a breeze
but my destination was not clear to me.

So I flew on, never tiring of the views,
flying over the homes of many a family,
feeling their happiness and their blues,
I felt so many emotions rising up at me.
Babies being born bringing joyful news,
the dead, their souls rising – set free.

Suddenly I knew my journey was ending,
the destination was knowledge it brought to me.
Last night the universe had been my awakening,
for as I slept, it had taught with such clarity
that everything in the universe is interconnecting,
I am the universe and the universe is me. ©

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