Stardust – Jacqueline Nash

As I lie here
gazing at the clear night sky,
the stars twinkling brightly,
I feel so minuscule.
Insignificant in this huge universe,
this Cosmos that goes on forever.

As I lie here
asking myself questions,
questions that cannot be answered,
I become more confused.
Going around in circles with my thoughts.
Thoughts that seem to go on forever.

As I lie here,
I wonder how it all began.
What was here before the Big Bang?
I ponder, how can nothing exist?
Are there parallel universes? Another me?
And how can something go on forever?

As I lie here,
not expecting any answers,
the greatness of the universe engulfs me.
Then the thought that comes to me is
that we are but stardust in this huge cosmos
and our energy will continue in the universe forever. ©

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