The Continuum of Time

The Continuum of Time – Jacqueline Nash

If I could gaze into the future what would I see?
Would anyone be left to remember me?
Would there be any part of me that lives on?
Or would every last speck of my existence be gone?

If I could peep into the future, just take a quick look;
would there still be such a thing as the book?
Or would everything be seen on some sort of screen,
computers replacing everything, each book a has been.

If I could spy into the future what would I find?
Would Big Brother be watching over all mankind?
Would the thought police be inside everyone’s head,
totally controlling with all freedoms eroded?

If I could glimpse the future, just a flick of the eyes;
would the world be at peace beneath blue skies?
Or would I find nothing had changed on that score
and that parts of the world would be fighting a war?

If I could travel into the future, go forward in time
what sort of transport would I find?
Would there be cars, trains, planes and the bicycle,
or would teleportation have replaced them all?

If we could visit the future, would we want to stay
or would we long to go back to our yesterday?
In the continuum of time we all have our place
and the future we create is in the now of that space.

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