Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter – Jacqueline Nash

Old Man Winter lies in wait, to take us by surprise.
Just when we thought we’d escaped his grip
he appears before our eyes.

With just one breath from his thin cruel lips our world is turned to white.
Nothing escapes his freezing touch,
but what a wondrous sight.

Spiders webs transformed to lace with minute fronds of ice.
The frosted grass crisp under foot,
a Winter Paradise.

With long thin fingers, he touches every plant, shrub and tree.
Jack Frost performing his magic act
for everyone to see.

Puddles turning into ice, as well as rivers, streams and brooks.
Nothing escapes this mischievous sprite,
he gets into all the nooks.

He raises his head under heavy sky and with just a frosty stare,
he can make the snow begin to fall,
ice crystals in the air.

A garden covered in virgin snow is a vision to behold.
The whitest blanket smooth and bright,
but no protection from the cold.

Don’t let him in, should Old Man Winter knock upon your door.
Protect yourself and wrap up warm
until the Winter thaw.

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