Elusive Magic

Elusive Magic – Jacqueline Nash

I thought the magic would always be there, everywhere,
that I would always see the beauty, the enchantment, the charm
in everything,
but the magic seems to have magically vanished
and now, I cannot find it in anything,
no matter how hard my searching.

I study things, everything, but my eyes no longer see,
they look, they see, but do not perceive what they used to see,
there’s nothing,
the magic has made itself elusive, now camouflaged,
cloaked in a veil of unwelcome reality,
now hidden from my visibility.

I need to recapture that magic, bring it back into view,
to see what I used to, to lift the veil from my mind, from my eyes,
to see something,
anything other than blatant reality and the ordinary,
so, I will leave myself open, let the veil go,
and with clearer vision, hope the magic will show.