Haunting Memories

Haunting Memories – Jacqueline Nash

I’m haunted by memories I thought long dead.
They stole a ride, travelling on the winds of time.
Ghosts from the past stole into my head,
as I slept in my bed, unaware of their furtive crime.

Now they surface when least expected,
refusing to leave, enjoying their taunting game.
I try to ignore them for they will not be ejected,
but they grow even stronger and fight to remain.

Why have these demons come back to haunt me?
Why won’t they go back to where they belong?
Back to their graves of the past with their history,
buried for good where they can do me no wrong.

I have tried to evict them, these squatters of mind,
but tonight I’m determined they take their leave.
Tomorrow morning I hope to wake and find,
that the winds of change have made their retrieve.

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