Life’s Rich Tapestry

Life’s Rich Tapestry – Jacqueline Nash

Sometimes I have to ask myself,
just what is the point of it all.
Life can be so challenging,
life can be so very cruel.

Just when everything is going fine
and I think that all is well,
something nasty happens
and I’m back on that road to hell.

Black shadows lurk in dark places,
waiting to unload their ware,
when they pounce on the unsuspecting,
to deliver their load of despair.

Life won’t let us be complacent,
it won’t let us relax for long,
but will throw us some kind of tragedy
for which we have to stay strong.

What is the point, I ask myself,
when all I try to do is my best,
only to be knocked down again,
as if it’s all some kind of a test.

I tell myself, enough is enough,
I can’t play this game any more.
I’m so tired of fighting and losing,
someone tell me what it’s all for.

Each time my life is turned upside down
by yet another disaster,
I try to put on a happy face
and cover my suffering with a plaster.

I am certain there will be good times
when life will be fun once again.
So I patiently wait for the bad time to pass,
for that ray of sunshine to ease the pain.

It has now become clear, there is a point to it all,
because the weaver allowed me to see,
that the mixture of good, sad and bad times
are all part of life’s rich tapestry.


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