Song from the Sea

Song from the Sea – Jacqueline Nash

The sea so calm in her stillness,
small waves rolling gently to shore,
the sun reflects off the rippled surface,
her timeless beauty hard to ignore.

But the sea so serene and peaceful,
can quickly change into a raging beast,
the roaring waves rising high and powerful,
spewing spume as they crash, unleashed.

When the tide ebbs and flows in anger,
white capped breakers spray their mist all around
as they pound the coast with their deafening thunder,
filling our ears with their almighty sound.

The pebbles on the shore keep on moving,
a clawing tide pulls and pushes them to and fro,
the fickle ocean in perpetual motion, never ceasing,
but very soon her wrath will dwindle and go.

It is then you may hear her ancient song
that echoes from the depths of the fathomless sea,
like sirens she sings of her power, almighty and strong,
reminding us we should take her seriously. ©

2 Responses to Song from the Sea

  1. alan horn says:

    I would like to use your poem in my documentary paper about erosion in a UK village please
    Alan D Horn


  2. Aisha says:

    Hi.You wirte amazing awesome and awstrucking poems.I love this one.,


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