My Little Sister

My Little Sister – Jacqueline Nash

She held my hand as we walked up the hill,
my heart heavy as a stone but I tried to stay bright.
It was a long time now since she had become ill.
My little sister who had been so full of life.

We passed her school, children laughing, playing.
I asked her if she missed it and she said not at all.
That she’d like something wrong but not too bad a thing,
just bad enough not to have to ever go to school

Oh little sister, she really didn’t know or understand
that her young life would soon be coming to an end.
Trying not to show my sadness, I smiled and squeezed her hand.
We had to keep life normal and pretend.

We came to the art shop which had jewellery in the window
made from steel and etched with rabbits which she adored.
I told her to choose and the bangle won her heart and so
she wore it on her wrist as we walked slowly homeward.

A gift from me to her and one she would keep forever,
she wears it still, a part of me lies with her.
I’m not a religious person and I don’t know if there’s a hereafter,
but I hope that one day we’ll meet again, my little sister.