Haunted House

Haunted House – Jacqueline Nash

The old house creaked, groaned and moaned
as she wandered aimlessly from room to room,
the furniture was covered in dust sheets,
a new family would be moving in soon.

She hated the loneliness, the empty silence
and felt that she was trapped inside a tomb,
so she looked forward to new people arriving,
to bring the house back to life, to lift the gloom.

She didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive
and she watched them curiously as they settled in,
once their belongings had been put in their place,
that’s when her mischievous fun would begin.

She started with the occasional playful trick,
moving or hiding the odd thing here and there,
she loved to see the expressions on their faces,
as they searched for their belongings everywhere.

Then as she got bored, she upped the game,
she knocked pictures off the walls one by one,
then threw things that went flying across the room,
watched their response, she was having such fun.

She continued these pranks for a number of weeks
watching as the family became more upset.
Then one dark night she went way too far
and gave them a night they would never forget.

A storm had been brewing and was now in full swing,
lightening flashed bright against a black sky,
hammering rain pounded the windows and roof
and the thunder roared with a demonic cry.

She loved the storm, it was perfect for this night,
the night she would reveal her ghostly form.
The storm had awoken them all from their slumbers,
unaware of the show she was about to perform.

The family were all huddled in front of the fire
when the door of the lounge flew open wide,
all heads turned, could not believe what they saw,
she had succeeded, for now they were terrified.

Flickering flames threw eerie shadows on the walls
making what happened next even more spooky,
for the ghost she appeared, first here and then there,
in her blood stained dress, looking very scary.

The children screamed loudly and started to cry
which only spurred the ghost on in pure glee,
delighted to strike such fear in their hearts
she started to wail like a banshee.

The house shook with the power of her bellowing
until the family could stand it no more,
so they gathered some things and fled the house
leaving the ghost howling at the front door.

It was suddenly quiet, not a sound to be heard,
the ghost stood looking sad and dejected,
she would miss the family now they were gone,
they had left sooner than she’d expected.

Again she wandered aimlessly from room to room,
the house creaking and groaning with her sorrow,
she hoped not to wait long for some company
to break the monotony of eternal limbo.

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