Voices in the Night

Voices in the Night – Jacqueline Nash

As I drifted towards the edge of sleep
in the deep dark velvet of the night;
I thought I heard a radio playing,
scratchy voices, chattering, nattering;
I couldn’t make out what they were saying,
as they were all talking at the same time.

As I strained my ears, listening intently,
it soon became clear no radio was playing.
The voices I heard were inside my head,
scratchy voices, chattering, nattering.
Was I going mad? I was full of dread,
I needed to know what they were saying.

I strained and craned but to no avail,
for the voices could not be separated,
not loud enough or clear enough,
scratchy voices, chattering, nattering.
Were they the voices of the dead,
wanting me to pass on their messages.

Had I been chosen as their medium,
perceiver of spirits for those who have passed.
I lay there puzzling when the voices ended,
those scratchy voices, chattering, nattering,
strangely leaving me feeling deserted
and strangely I hoped that they would return. ©

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