Power Cut

Power Cut – Jacqueline Nash

Her magnetism pulls at them,
her attraction so powerful,
the force so strong
they cannot resist,
they are helpless,
for she is electric.

So charged, sparks flying,
they fail to notice
as she insidiously
seeks an open wound,
where she can claw her way in,
crawl under their skin,
and switch them on
as they gaze mesmerised
in to her hypnotic eyes,
whilst hanging onto
her every word.

Skilfully, she wraps them
around her little finger
with coiled wire
and plays them one by one
within her magnetic field,
teasing them with her
seductive charms,
with no intention of
fulfilling their desires.

She continues to string
them along, electrons moving
rhythmically within their atoms
as they happily dance
like marionettes
to her every whim.

They are stupefied, tantalised,
by her flawless beauty,
her hour glass figure;
so blind, they do not detect
her lodestone heart
or the iced blood that fills
the circuit of her veins
until it is too late.

Then, when she decides
she’s had her fun,
she coldly disconnects.

They blow a fuse.

Power cut.