Night Fright

Night Fright – Jacqueline Nash 

I go to bed, turn off my head,
and sink into oblivion.
All is calm, no alarm
here in my dominion.

Then in the night, I get a fright,
I hear a piercing scream!
A man he stood in a hood,
Could this be a dream?

But I know this isn’t so,
the screaming’s not abating.
Could it be? Yes it’s from me
the screaming is escaping.

Cold sweat, soaking wet
my heart is racing, pounding.
The man’s gone, what’s going on?
Is this really happening?

Feeling confused and bemused,
I switch on the lamp for light.
But although it’s lighter I feel no brighter.
Oh boy! What a night.

I close my eyes and realise
there are things we can’t explain.
And so I pray he’ll stay away
and not visit me again! ©

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