Cloak of Autumn by Jacqueline Nash

Jacqueline C Nash Poetry

Have you ever thought about why leaves change colour in the Autumn. In the Summer, leaves are full of a green pigment which is called chlorophyll. This performs a vital role for the plant converting sunlight to food. With the onset of autumn and it’s lower light levels, the trees begin to breakdown the chlorophyll revealing the underlying accessory pigments like carotene, xanthophyll, and anthocyanin which give the leaves their characteristic fiery autumn colours. So, now you know.

Here is another of my poems about Autumn.


Autumn Lullaby

Mother Nature discards her aureate summer gown
to substitute it with a robe of many colours,
gently she breaths upon the earth
turning leaves from green to golden yellow, red and brown.

Her breath dries the colourful leaves upon the trees
and as she blows, one by one they quietly fall,
slowly dancing, twirling without a sound
they settle on the ground…

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About Jacqueline C Nash

Jacqueline loves to write poetry and has also written a book but none of her work has been published, she writes purely for enjoyment. It has helped her through good and bad times, the last few years of which have been particularly difficult. Her poetry is inspired by nature and life in general. Much of her work is from true life, sometimes stretching the truth a little, but it is also from her imagination. Jacqueline is a firm believer that creativity feeds the soul. As well as poetry she loves music, dance and dabbles in mixed media art and up-cycling.
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