Goodbye to an Angel

Sleeping AngelImage found on Pinterest

Goodbye to an Angel – Jacqueline Nash

She lay so still,
so peaceful,
so serene,
skin like porcelain,
cheeks tinged with pink blusher.
Her youthful beauty and pure innocence,
untainted by life’s tribulations.
Wearing her long summer dress,
her favourite jewellery,
she looked as though she were dressed for a family party.
Eyes gently closed imitating sleep;
If only she were.
I wanted to shake her awake.
I decided to kiss her forehead.
A final goodbye kiss.
I bent over the coffin,
but as I got closer,
I could feel the coldness rising from her body.
Then it hit me.
This was not my sister,
this was her empty shell.
I slowly lifted my head,
unable to plant that last kiss on her forehead.
I stood there staring at her,
trying to hang on to her peaceful image,
to imprint it on the memory of my brain.
The final farewell,
face to face;
only she could not see mine.
Less than a week before I had told her she was an Angel.
She had tried to smile.
If only I had kissed her then.
Lying there,
she looked just like an Angel.

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