Free Spirit

Free Spirit – Jacqueline Nash

She was an open book
nothing hidden,
the text so easily read
in every expression on her face,
with every movement of her body.

Such a gentle soul,
a free spirit,
a child of the universe,
in touch with the heavens above,
one with the sun, moon and stars.

Frequenting meadows,
walking bear foot
through fields of daisies,
wandering through woodland,
she was a nymph of the forests.

She would sit entranced
by babbling brooks,
swim naked in clear rivers
and dry herself in the golden sun,
making even the green willow smile.

Sun, wind, rain or snow,
she loved them all,
the sun’s warmth on her skin,
the wind blowing through her hair,
the feel of the rain and snow on her face.

A free spirit needs to fly
and be forever free,
for if you should restrain them
they will break, the final chapter
then, will reveal a sad and tragic end.

Now; she haunts the forests,
meadows and the fields,
you will see her in the clouds,
in the rivers, brooks and streams
and you will hear her gentle whispers in the wind.

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