Work Day Blues

Work Day Blues – Jacqueline Nash

Well I woke up this morning
and I crawled right out of bed.
Still tired and yawning
knew I had to earn some bread.
On this new day dawning,
a long day of work stretched out ahead.

Well I walked out the door
and I walked on down the street.
I’m so doggone poor
so my transport is my feet.
No bus for me’s for sure,
‘cos the fare’s a luxury I can’t meet.

Well I graft hard all day
’till my body’s bruised and sore.
I get a measly pay
which hardly seems worth working for.
Not much time for play,
how much more must I endure.

Well my day of work is done
and so I stroll back to my place.
Prepare a meagre meal for one
which hardly fills the hungry space.
back to bed where day begun,
to revive for tomorrow’s rat race.

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