Halloween Retrieval

Halloween Retrieval – Jacqueline Nash

Her heart ached, she missed him so,
he was her life, her pastures green.
She could not bare to let him go,
so made her plans for Halloween.

She wondered through the swirling mist,
along the winding, muddy lane,
remembering when last they kissed,
hoping this night they’d kiss again.

The moon and stars were veiled by cloud,
the night was as black as ebony,
the silence seemed to scream out loud,
but she ambled on regardlessly.

Soon the old house came into view,
and soon she was walking through the door,
it was the midnight hour this she knew
and the only sound was the creak of the floor.

Her feet hardly seemed to touch the stair
as she headed to the bedroom of her lover,
there he slept peacefully and unaware
of the unexpected presence of another.

She looked down with love at his tranquil face
bent down and kissed him with passion
he groaned with arousal to her embrace
enjoying the familiar sensation.

He opened his eyes and thought he saw
the love of his life standing by his bed,
but how could this be when she was no more
and had been long since dead.

His poor weak heart beat like a drum
and he struggled to catch his breath,
he knew he could not but succumb
to the lure of his imminent death.

Together they walked back hand in hand
down the winding, muddy lane,
passing through the veil to the other land
where they would never part again.