The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time – Jacqueline Nash

The wheel starts to turn slowly, oh so slowly, almost still.
The days stretch out before us, with never ending time to fill.
Unaware that life is passing and the wheel that keeps on turning,
we continue to believe that time is plentiful, never ending.

The wheel it gains momentum and begins to pick up speed
and then we realise too late, we do not have the time we need.
All the things we thought we’d do, we know will never come about.
Now the wheel starts turning faster and our time is running out.

The wheel just keeps on spinning now as fast as it can go
and the days fly by so quickly, our time is limited now, we know.
If only the wheel could be spun right back to days that went on forever.
With knowledge of the wheel of time, would we manage our lives any better? ©

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