Ashes by Jacqueline Nash


I stand with bare feet amid the ashes,
grey dust between my toes;
in the colourless void that stretches out before me
my body appears but a mere speck within it’s emptiness,
trembling hands hang useless at my sides
on arms so heavy
it is impossible to wipe the tears from my eyes.

I kick my feet in frustration, disturbing the dust,
memories rise to float in the air around me,
hopelessly I try to reach for them
but my leaden arms too heavy let me down,
and slowly, those memories fall
back to the ground,
scattering once more among my broken dreams.

I drop to my knees amid the debris of my past,
knowing nothing will ever be the same again,
everything taken by a greedy fire
with needy flames, all consuming, ravenous,
swallowing everything in its wake,
leaving me desolate
and unable to rise from this bed of ashes.

About Jacqueline C Nash

Jacqueline loves to write poetry and has also written a book but none of her work has been published, she writes purely for enjoyment. It has helped her through good and bad times, the last few years of which have been particularly difficult. Her poetry is inspired by nature and life in general. Much of her work is from true life, sometimes stretching the truth a little, but it is also from her imagination. Jacqueline is a firm believer that creativity feeds the soul. As well as poetry she loves music, dance and dabbles in mixed media art and up-cycling.
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