Changing with the Weather

Changing with the Weather – Jacqueline Nash

When the sun shines brightly and brings a ray of hope your way,
capture it firmly inside your heart and never let it stray.

When the wind blows a gentle, tender kiss upon your cheek,
let it linger there a while as part of the love you seek.

When heavy black clouds darken your days making you feel low,
embrace your pain, for all things pass, the veil will lift and go.

When sparkling silver raindrops shower you with joyful happiness,
soak the joy in, through the skin where those drops caress.

When storms rage, thunder rumbles and lightening flashes bright,
make this the time to clear the air when you can put things right.

When misty fog descends and makes it hard for you to see,
wait patiently for it to clear, for what will be will be.

When a hard white frost covers the earth and chills you to despair,
allow your heart to thaw and show those you love, you care.

When virgin snow falls, muting sounds, bringing you some peace,
allow the silence to enfold you, for the quiet will surely cease.

And should you behold a rainbow, it’s fleeting colours in the sky,
let it be a reminder of just how quickly life can pass you by.  ©

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