The Stone Circle

The Stone Circle – Jacqueline Nash

The warm, gentle breeze blows through the trees, rustling their leaves
as small fluffy clouds chase one another across the pale blue sky,
passing high above the majestic circle of grey stones,
that stand silent and bold, as the whispering wind passes them by.

Weathered and gnarled by the changing seasons of time immemorial,
they stand proud, like stone sentinels guarding their secrets of old,
having witnessed past rituals and ceremonies performed
by druids, magicians, witches and mystics, their tales never to be told.

The ancient stones release a form of energy absorbed from the earth they say,
and the sites are connected by mysterious ley lines that run straight.
The stone circle is a truly magical place filled with tranquillity,
a place of untold beauty, a place to aid healing and a place to contemplate.

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