The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream – Jacqueline Nash

No-one would know what’s going on inside,
outside is so calm and serene,
but beneath the skin my interior is shaking,
my heart is continually palpitating,
and in my head I silently scream.

I’m asked to do this and asked to do that,
to say no would seem so mean,
So I say yes with a smile as I bite my tongue,
hiding my feelings from everyone
but in my head I silently scream.

Phone rings when in the middle of a task
but answer polite to the extreme.
All I really want is for them to go away
but I listen to what they have to say
while in my head I silently scream.

Too many things that have to be done
and I’m running out of steam,
but the jobs they have to be completed,
with energy low, almost depleted,
in my head I silently scream.

When next you see me looking relaxed,
things may not be as they seem,
for underneath this cool exterior my friend
how would you possibly comprehend
that in my head I silently scream.