Twilight Time

Twilight Time – Jacqueline Nash

When the sun begins to set
gently kissing the distant horizon,
it is the onset of twilight time.

As the sun continues it’s journey
the sky becomes a canvas of many colours,
amazing hues at twilight time.

Erosion of the sun causes
the sky to darken, light is subdued
creating a muted twilight time.

The temperature drops
as the sun’s rays begin to wane,
cooling the air at twilight time.

The landscape bled of colour,
veiled silhouettes against the sky,
shades of grey at twilight time.

Enveloped by quietness
as silence rains from the heavens,
in peaceful twilight time.

Dusk is fast approaching
now the falling sun has all but gone,
the darkest part of twilight time.

Twilight time and dusk,
the time between light and dark
taking us into the dark night. ©

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