Fairy Glade

Fairy Glade – Jacqueline Nash

Fairy music drifted towards me on a warm Summer’s breeze,
whilst I was quietly sitting ‘neath one of the willow trees.
A hypnotic sound so pure and clear filtered to my ears.
The most beautiful sound I’d ever heard, bringing me to tears.

I stood and walked to the edge of the lake, the surface clear as glass.
Insects fluttering and skipping on the surface as they passed.
Bumble bees were buzzing as from flower to flower they flew.
There was no sign of the fairies, but I’d find them, this I knew.

A dragonfly so beautiful flew, zig-zagging it’s way towards me.
Her wings of veined organza, lustrous in their transparency.
She darted into the woodland as if she wanted me to follow.
Swooping here and swooping there she showed me where to go.

The music became much louder, making me woozy and heady.
I had to sit against an old oak tree as my feet had become unsteady.
I sat with my back against the huge tree trunk when I suddenly realised,
a small distance away was a fairy ring, I could not believe my eyes.

A fairy ring in an enchanted glade, where the sun shone oh so bright.
Where the fairies danced on sunbeams, iridescent in the light.
In their colourful gowns of floral delight and their wings of silken lace,
their antics mesmerizing as they frolicked in this magical place.

Some sat around the fairy ring absorbing the heat from the sun;
whilst others showed off their colours, not wanting to be outshone.
Some sang along to the music while others listened to the song,
others painted the flowers, fairy work that just had to be done.

I don’t know how long I sat there before I drifted off to sleep,
but when I awoke it was twilight and dusk was beginning to peep.
There was no sign of the fairies and the music no longer played.
I had to get home before dark, although I would rather have stayed.

For at night I am told they appear to those with hearts that are pure and true.
The fairies know if you believe and will weave a special spell for you.
In the Summer night sky when the stars shine bright, the perfect time for dreams,
the fairies cast their spells whilst they frolic and dance on moonbeams. ©

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