Sophrosyne – Jacqueline Nash

So perfect;
does she walk on water?
Her feet barely touch the ground
when she glides into the room.

Heads turn,
they scan her adoringly,
and she in her modesty
is totally unaware
of her effect
upon their intellect.

She exudes happiness,
confident within her own skin,
she fills the room
with her presence
and the intrinsic nature
of her essence.

As she mingles
she says all the right things,
her sweet words trickle like nectar
into the ears of her listeners,
administering a sugar rush
of joyous raptures.

Like a breath of fresh air
she lightens the hearts
of all she meets,
for she has nothing to prove
and has no conceits.

Knowing what she requires
she never takes more,
for moderation
is at her core.

She has found her balance
in everything,
is in tune with herself
self knowledge enables
her to follow her souls path
and to live in an enlightened state
of flow and harmony.

When she glides from the room
her feet barely touch the ground,
her absence leaves the room
feeling empty.

So perfect;
does she walk on water?