My Friend No-one Could See

My Friend No-one Could See

I had a friend no-one could see
but I saw her and she saw me.
We’d sit beneath the old oak tree
where we talked together happily.

She always wore the same old clothes,
a chiffon dress with lots of bows.
a bonnet with a pretty rose
and ankle boots scuffed at the toes.

Every time evening drew near
she’d quietly whisper in my ear,
Do beware the lake my dear”.
Then she’d fade and disappear.

Odd this was not strange to me,
but when I told my family
they said that I was so silly,
she was not real but a fantasy.

Fantasy, well we shall see.
I tried to think where she would be,
then the lake just came to me,
so I left the house quietly.

When I arrived at the lake-side
a row boat to a stake was tied.
Untied the rope and stepped inside
and to the centre I did glide.

Once there, I searched all around
but no sign of my friend I found.
All was quiet, there was no sound,
but then my heart began to pound.

When I looked into the water clear
I saw a bundle very near.
I stretched to reach it, but oh dear,
it was too heavy, I did fear.

As I tugged, some sacking came free,
I was shocked at what I could see.
A bonnet with rose was revealed to me.
Realisation came instantly.

So she was a ghost, my lovely friend
who long ago came to a sorry end.
She was strangled and I can’t pretend
I find it hard to comprehend.

No more does my friend visit me,
So I sit alone beneath this old oak tree
where I really miss her company,
but she’s now at peace and her soul is free. ©

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