Shooting Star

Shooting Star – Jacqueline Nash

The hour is getting late,
the clock struck midnight long ago,
I lie here in my lonely bed
and in a daze, I gaze from my window.

I search the heavens up above,
the sparkling stars wink down at me
and the bright moon she smiles,
but still I can’t see what I long to see.

I scour the heavens hopefully
for a shooting star to pass on by,
a meteor in all it’s fiery glory,
to see it shoot across the dark night sky.

I’ll make a wish upon that star
and hope and pray that when I do,
everything in my life will change,
should that wish of mine come true.

For then I’ll find my perfect man,
we will live together, forever, happily.
Well in any case, that’s the plan
I just need my star to come through for me

There it is; my wait has ended,
my shooting star, it’s blazing tail afire,
I knew that my patience would be rewarded,
now I can sleep in peace and dream of all I desire.

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