Life Goes On

Life Goes On – Jacqueline Nash

I look down from the heavens
and I see that life goes on.
No-one seems to miss me
now that I am gone.

My friends meet up as usual
no mention of my name.
They laugh, chat and party,
their lives go on the same.

My children are too busy
with children of their own.
Their lives full of the future
with no time to bemoan.

My loved one lost no time
to find somebody new.
I see them both together
doing things we used to do.

Alas, I do not blame them
and feel no hostility.
I wouldn’t want it any different
this is how it’s meant to be.

For I know that every now and then
quite unexpectedly,
something will remind them
and they will remember me.

And when they do they may well laugh,
sometimes they may cry,
and then they’ll get on with their lives
as the memory passes by.

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