The Beckoning

The Beckoning – Jacqueline Nash

She gazed into the mirror clear
and saw a face of yesteryear,
the face she saw was not her own
but was a face she had once known.

The candle that flickered in the gloom
shed an eerie light within the room.
She quickly turned around in fright,
but saw nothing in the gloomy light.

She faced the mirror once again to see
something really quite extraordinary,
the face she saw had changed once more,
replaced by another she’d known before.

Startled she turned and looked behind,
dark thoughts travelling through her mind,
for the two faces aforesaid,
were the faces of loved ones long since dead.

Back to the looking glass she slowly turned,
now becoming quite concerned,
wondering whose face would look back at her,
when next she gazed into the mirror.

It was her own face she saw reflected,
then she saw something quite unexpected.
Two apparitions behind her were standing,
moving slowly backwards; beckoning, beckoning.

Her fears suddenly dissolved, she felt so calm
she stood, turned to follow them without a qualm.
Turning for just one last glance, her lifeless body she espied,
just before the candle flame spluttering, died.

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