The Coming of Spring

The Coming of Spring – Jacqueline Nash

Can you hear the impatient whisper of Spring
now the long Winter draws to a welcome end.
She begins quietly and timidly to tip toe into view
leaving her footprints as testimony in the ground.

Bulbs have pushed tentatively through the soil,
crocus now flowering in all their glorious colours
competing with the golden primroses and primulas,
their appearance bringing such cheer to us.

Cherry trees adorned with baby pink blossom,
trees and shrubs beginning to bud into life,
earth is awakening from it’s long deep slumber
and brings us the hope of renewal and rebirth.

Now the days are slowly growing longer,
warmer air blows in on a gentle breeze,
with it come the sounds of birds’ sweet song
who sense the coming of the long awaited Spring.

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