Sophrosyne by Jacqueline Nash

I will be adding poems periodically but apologise for not being able to view and comment on your poems, etc as time is still very limited, re previous blog.

This poem can be found on SoundCloud and on my Spoken Word Page.


So perfect;
does she walk on water?
Her feet barely touch the ground
when she glides into the room.

Heads turn,
they scan her adoringly,
and she in her modesty
is totally unaware
of her effect
upon their intellect.

She exudes happiness,
confident within her own skin,
she fills the room
with her presence
and the intrinsic nature
of her essence.

As she mingles
she says all the right things,
her sweet words trickle like nectar
into the ears of her listeners,
administering a sugar rush
of joyous raptures.

Like a breath of fresh air
she lightens the hearts
of all she meets,
for she has nothing to prove
and has no conceits.

Knowing what she requires
she never takes more,
for moderation
is at her core.

She has found her balance
in everything,
is in tune with herself
self knowledge enables
her to follow her souls path
and to live in an enlightened state
of flow and harmony.

When she glides from the room
her feet barely touch the ground,
her absence leaves the room
feeling empty.

So perfect;
does she walk on water?


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Anaesthetised by Jacqueline Nash

The SoundCloud  and written versions of the poem Anaesthetised.



I used to feel.

It began so surreptitiously;
the numbness.

It began to creep all over me,
slowly spreading,
finding it’s way beneath my skin.

Imposing emotional paralysis,
desensitising my every crevice,
disabling emotions beneath the surface
and filling me with a kind of emptiness,
a vacuum devoid of essence.

Now it protects me,
the numbness cradles my body
safeguarding my sensitivity,
protecting my vulnerability,
helps me to live
in my alternative reality,
my world of nothingness,
pain free.

I no longer feel.

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Elusive Magic by Jacqueline Nash

The SoundCloud and written versions of the poem Elusive Magic.



Elusive Magic

I thought the magic would always be there, everywhere,
that I would always see the beauty, the enchantment, the charm
in everything,
but the magic seems to have magically vanished
and now, I cannot find it in anything,
no matter how hard my searching.

I study things, everything, but my eyes no longer see,
they look, they see, but do not perceive what they used to see,
there’s nothing,
the magic has made itself elusive, now camouflaged,
cloaked in a veil of unwelcome reality,
now hidden from my visibility.

I need to recapture that magic, bring it back into view,
to see what I used to, to lift the veil from my mind, from my eyes,
to see something,
anything other than blatant reality and the ordinary,
so, I will leave myself open, let the veil go,
with clearer vision, hope the magic will show.

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Echo by Jacqueline Nash

This is another attempt on SoundCloud of me narrating my poem Echo with a little bit of reverb. Again, it does come through quite loud so you might need to turn the sound down and the written version is below if preferred.




There is no sound.

Silence envelopes me
inside my darkened room,
but the echo in the space
inside my head
bounces from side to side
within my skull.

The same words
repeat over and over,
becoming louder and louder,
like a rhythmic chant,
a sacred psalm,
a prayer I can never share.

Words that beg
to be spoken out loud
but have to be contained,
they must never escape
my lips,
for should they be heard,
nothing would ever
be the same again.

A secret I must not tell,
a secret that has taken over my mind,
reverberating in it’s echo chamber
threatening to drive me
to the verge of insanity.

This is how it must be;
this is the price I must pay.

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Winter’s End by Jacqueline Nash

I am now on SoundCloud and this is my first attempt at narrating one of my own poems. This is slightly outside my comfort zone but I was determined to give it a go. It does seem to come through quite loud so you might need to turn the sound down a little. I hope it’s not too cringe making. The written version is below if you prefer.



Winter’s End

Winter has come
and I am still alive,
but what was left of my bloom
has faded,
and I struggle
within my insignificance.

The future hides it’s face from
my sight
and the now is such an empty
place to be,
so all I am left with
are my memories of yesterday.

I had not thought
the cold would come so soon,
to take me in it’s grip
and squeeze the life from me.

I had expected so much more
than this.

So much more than this.

The wheel has turned;
my life hanging
between the spokes
as it moves swiftly towards
Winter’s end.

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Update – Jacqueline C Nash Poetry

You may have noticed that I have changed the background and removed most of my photos and artwork from Jacqueline C. Nash Poetry. I believe that images can add interest and enhancement to the poems, but the problem is that I have been spending far too much time searching for them when I could be spending that time writing, which is what I prefer to do.

I got to the point where I believed that my poems wouldn’t be read if there was no image and in the end the image became almost more important than the poem itself. I therefore decided that if I happen to have an image of my own that fits the poem I shall use it, otherwise it shall remain imageless.

I am also newly subscribed to SoundCloud where I have so far just recorded a couple of my poems. I must say that this was truly outside of my comfort zone but thought I’d give it a go anyway. I must admit that in the end I actually had fun and quite enjoyed the experience. I will be adding these recordings into the posts with the written poem.

I hope you will continue to enjoy reading and listening to my poetry.

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Goosebumps by Jacqueline Nash


Dark room.

Cold morning light begins to peep
furtively through the bedroom curtains,
waking hiding shadows,
forcing them into existence.

Slowly, I rouse from a disturbed sleep,
bad dreams already beginning to fade
from memory.

I sense your body close to mine,
your warmth, soft and comforting,

I feel your hand gently stroke my thigh;
Drowsily, I turn to face you,
to embrace you.

Not fully awake I force my eyes open,
then, realisation,
loneliness stabs at my heart
as I try desperately
not to fall into
the empty space next to me.

Sympathetic shadows
offer their company.

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