Deliverance by Jacqueline Nash

It is interesting how people read things into poetry. They will  analyse it depending on their mind set or religious beliefs. You may think that this poem is about someone finding religion, which was deliberate on my part. It is actually about someone finding strength and confidence in themselves.


Born again,
I have absorbed the light,
my skin shines like the sun
emitting golden rays
and I feel myself rising;
light as a handful of stardust
blown towards the sky,
arms outstretched;
I fly.

I am set free,
released from everything
that bound me.

I shed joyous tears
as I no longer have fears
or self doubt,
because the faith I have found
within myself, is devout.

I listen to my inner voice,
to the beat of my heart
against my ribs,
and that is enough;
I feel so alive.

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