Elusive Magic by Jacqueline Nash

The SoundCloud and written versions of the poem Elusive Magic.



Elusive Magic

I thought the magic would always be there, everywhere,
that I would always see the beauty, the enchantment, the charm
in everything,
but the magic seems to have magically vanished
and now, I cannot find it in anything,
no matter how hard my searching.

I study things, everything, but my eyes no longer see,
they look, they see, but do not perceive what they used to see,
there’s nothing,
the magic has made itself elusive, now camouflaged,
cloaked in a veil of unwelcome reality,
now hidden from my visibility.

I need to recapture that magic, bring it back into view,
to see what I used to, to lift the veil from my mind, from my eyes,
to see something,
anything other than blatant reality and the ordinary,
so, I will leave myself open, let the veil go,
with clearer vision, hope the magic will show.

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10 Responses to Elusive Magic by Jacqueline Nash

  1. noblethemes says:

    The poem is powerful, but you’re actually reading it makes it even more poignant . . . and you have such a beautiful reading voice! All the best to you w/blessings!

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  2. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you Jonathan, your praise is magic to my ears and as always, much appreciated. 🙂


  3. This poem is so truthful…and interestingly enough if reflects my own personal life experience at the moment. Thank you for the raw power your words bring forth. Your voice is simply exquisite as you read it out. Love and light. ❤

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  4. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you so much for your very kind words. I have only just started with the Spoken Word, which I must say presented quite a challenge. I have always had a problem with speaking in front of a group of people and have always been self conscious of my voice, so your praise and the praise I have had from others means more to me than I can put into words. I sincerely hope that the magic will reveal itself to you soon. 🙂


  5. the stark melancholy is captured in both the poem and the reading – a sort of bitter acceptance, yet a resolve without infused by a sparkling hope. Splendid.

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  6. hooklineandinkwell says:

    I think it does, once we let go. Beautiful writing!

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  7. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you for your kind comment FT. 🙂


  8. InfiniteZip says:

    A beautiful piece, feeling the sadness at the lack of the way things change. I often wonder if it gets hard always seeing it and then there comes a shift that leaves us feeling alone and in the darkness. That’s where I find I have to let it go and miraculously, it finds me once more, in small things or large, all magic is awesome and lightens the soul. Sending some your way and thank you for the lovely comment, I skipped back to go and found more magic to light the day. Thank you for he gift of beauty through real life. Sprinkling magic for you🦄💫⭐️💜☄🎈🎆🌠🎉and an extra shot for good measure💉


  9. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you so much Kim, especially for the sprinkling of magic, we can never have too much xx


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