Echo by Jacqueline Nash

This is another attempt on SoundCloud of me narrating my poem Echo with a little bit of reverb. Again, it does come through quite loud so you might need to turn the sound down and the written version is below if preferred.




There is no sound.

Silence envelopes me
inside my darkened room,
but the echo in the space
inside my head
bounces from side to side
within my skull.

The same words
repeat over and over,
becoming louder and louder,
like a rhythmic chant,
a sacred psalm,
a prayer I can never share.

Words that beg
to be spoken out loud
but have to be contained,
they must never escape
my lips,
for should they be heard,
nothing would ever
be the same again.

A secret I must not tell,
a secret that has taken over my mind,
reverberating in it’s echo chamber
threatening to drive me
to the verge of insanity.

This is how it must be;
this is the price I must pay.

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15 Responses to Echo by Jacqueline Nash

  1. mopana says:

    Secrets must remain secrets despite the echoes from our minds. Yes, this is the price we must pay

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  2. noblethemes says:

    Excellent! This beautiful poem is read quite beautifully, indeed. 🙂


  3. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you Jonathan, your kind words are much appreciated xx


  4. Again, both the poem and the reading are splendid. There is an added paradox that it is “a sacred psalm, / a prayer” that is what one cannot be expressed and causes the mental turbulence. There is, however, for me, the sense that the fear of the consequences may be founded or unfounded. The “nothing would ever / be the same again” may be the shaking up of the status quo, and while painful, may also be necessary.

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  5. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you again Doug for your kind comments and I must say, a very good analysis of the poem. Sometimes the fallout from divulging a secret can cause such devastation and the worry of maybe accidentally letting something slip makes it a huge burden to carry. Ideally, it is best not to have secrets in the first place, but if someone tells you something huge and begs you not to tell anyone, it can put you in a very difficult position. 🙂


  6. Beautifully spoken! I very much enjoyed listening 😃


  7. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you so much Dorinda for your kind comments and very pleased you enjoyed it xx


  8. The never ending struggle between mind and heart is so beautifully and perfectly written! The intense reading with your determined voice make this a masterpiece! Read it multiple times!

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  9. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comments, I am pleased you like both poem and reading 🙂

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  10. The ceaseless tug of war between mind and heart has been a hot topic of discussion since time immemorial-the essence of which has been written so beautifully. And on top of that, your voice. Absolutely loved this post! 😀


  11. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you so much Soumya, so pleased you like it, much appreciated 🙂


  12. hooklineandinkwell says:

    Yes, when we hold on to secrets they can tap on the doors and windows of our minds, hoping for freedom. The challenge is to never let them slip out Well-sad and read 🙂

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  13. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you FT for your thoughts on this poem and for your kind comments, much appreciated. 🙂


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