Doormat by Jacqueline Nash


he might not turn up
just the same
plays the game
tosses a coin
will he
won’t he

dressed in her best
every hair in place
painted face
checks the window
is he
isn’t he

far too much
love makes her blind
clouds her mind
still she wonders
does he
doesn’t he

brews as time passes
thinking waiting
caring wondering
blood boiling
how can he
dare he

his car arrive
heart flutters
nothing else matters
today he turned up
didn’t he
didn’t he

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2 Responses to Doormat by Jacqueline Nash

  1. Oohh, yes, I have been there. Mixed emotions indeed!!!

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  2. jcnashpoems says:

    Yes, this happened to me many moons ago but I remember those feelings so clearly. I’m very lucky now to have a dependable man by my side 🙂


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