I Cried – Jacqueline Nash

I wrote this some time ago after watching a television program that really moved and upset me. It is strange that when something upsets us, without realising it, we don’t get upset about that one particular thing but our minds go all around the houses and we end up feeling upset and feeling the agony for the whole of the human race, or is that just me?


I Cried

Last night I watched the TV and I cried,
for a man who had cancer and eventually died.
I cried for his suffering and what he’d gone through.
I cried for his wife, for she’d suffered too.
I cried for his children who’d lost their dad.
I cried for his friends and the family he had.
I cried for a life cut short at its prime.
I cried for the suffering of all mankind.
For we know not what awaits us, that cannot be denied.
Last night I watched the TV and I cried.

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