My Soulmate – Jacqueline Nash

Feeling a little sentimental today. I wrote this poem some time ago when I wanted to let my husband know how special he was to me and by the way, still is. We’ve been together for so long now that we almost seem to be one person. It’s quite scary, as we mostly seem to know what the other is thinking and I’ve even started to come out with the same sort of bad jokes that he is famous for.

Although we are close, we do not stifle each other. We both have our own, quite different interests and encourage each other to do the things that make us happy, but we always make time for each other. There is nothing we can’t talk about or tell each other and we are also quite comfortable to sit together in silence.

Before you start reaching for the sick bucket, I must tell you that neither of us is perfect. I am perfectly aware of his faults as I am sure he is aware of mine. I believe that when you make a commitment to somebody, you accept them warts and all, and yes, we both have a few. Hope you enjoy the poem.


My Soulmate – Jacqueline Nash

You are the one that I love, the one I adore
and the meaning in my life.
You are the truth that I seek, the strength that I need
and I am honoured to be your wife.
You are my teacher and my confidante,
my lover and my friend.
You are the one I can trust, the one I respect,
the one on whom I can depend.
You make me feel safe when I feel afraid
and happy when I feel gloomy.
You are the love of my life and my soulmate
from now to eternity.

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