Hang on to Your Dreams – Jacqueline Nash

My poem today is really about hope. I think that having dreams is very important as they give us purpose, something to aim for, to think about and to fantasize about. They give us hope for the future and it’s not always the dream coming true that is the most important thing, but it can be about the journey towards that dream and what we learn along the way.

If it looks like you are never going to reach your dream, maybe it is because it is a little bit too ambitious. There might come a time when you need to lower your expectations slightly. We all need a dream but we mustn’t feel as if we’ve failed if it looks like we will never reach it, just pick another one that is possibly more attainable. We are not rationed to one only.

Remember, thoughts are powerful and once you have a thought, you begin to move the universal energy towards manifesting that thought into reality. I hope you enjoy the poem and may all your dreams come true.


Hang on to Your Dreams

Be sure to hang on to your dreams
and never let them go.
Treasure them and nurture them,
like seeds you’ll see them grow.

Plant them deep inside your heart
and breathe them into life;
feed your fantasies and dreams
and watch them as they thrive.

Should your dreams grow out of reach
give them a little prune.
This will make them more attainable
and they may blossom very soon.

And once your dreams are in full bloom
bringing all you hope for and desire,
you can always plant some new ones
to which you can aspire. ©

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