The Sweet Days of Youth – Jacqueline Nash

I am very lucky as I’ve had a good life, but one day I got to thinking if there was anything I really missed about my youth or of being young. I began to think mainly of my teenage years. There are many things I would hate to have to go through again but the more I thought about it, the more I began to realise that the main thing I missed was that bright eyed wonder and lust for life. Put aside the youthful face and figure and having good health, I think as we age we all miss them to a degree and there is nothing we can do about those things. I found it was more about missing getting up in the mornings with days full of new experiences, things to discover and places to explore with such vitality and awe.

One good thing about age is the wisdom we discover along the way. How many times do you here people say, ” If only I’d known then what I know now”.  There is nothing to stop us from building on that wisdom throughout our lives, but even though I try to set myself new challenges and try to experience new things, I never seem to get the same feeling experienced when young. It is the spark of wonderment that seems to slowly dwindle as the years go by. Our innocence, which is eroded by the harsh realities of life, with the responsibilities that come along and the dreams of our future that we suddenly realise are never going to transpire, all slowly begin to extinguish that spark.

That is where this poem came from. I hope you enjoy reading it and I would be grateful of other views on this, so do feel free to leave comments below.


The Sweet Days of Youth

How I yearn for the sweet days of my youth
when life was in the now and carefree as a breeze.
When an unknown future stretched out it’s hand
beckoning me to follow my hopes and dreams.
Then…. everything seemed within easy reach
and time was an exciting never-ending journey,
to be filled with all the things I planned to do
and where I would become who I wanted to be.

I imagined the life I thought I wanted to have,
the scenarios of which there were many.
The excitement at the dawn of each new day
not knowing where that day would lead me.
With the beauty and health that youth enjoys
and seeing the world with fresh clear eyes,
I thought that anything was possible,
that life would be so easy to devise.

In the innocence of life’s experience we soon learn
that the path we travel is not an easy one.
With many a twist and turn and few signs of direction,
we find, we can also meet with trickery and deception.
As we set out on that journey in those early years
we are full of wonderment and elation,
feeling a sense of freedom, we have a world to explore
with youth’s enthusiasm and hopeful anticipation.

The journey along the path of knowledge and experience
slowly and unknowingly erodes our innocence,
causing youth’s spark to dwindle and fade,
until youth is erased with adulthood’s presence.
I’m not unhappy with the paths I’ve taken
and the life I live now is a good one in truth.
But I miss youth’s expectancy and exuberant spark
How I yearn for the sweet days of my youth. ©

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