Samhain’s Eve – Jacqueline Nash

Wishing everybody a happy Samhain’s Eve, Halloween or All Hallows Eve for tomorrow. Hope you enjoy my poem called Samhain’s Eve.

Samhain’s Eve, also known as Halloween and All Hallows Eve falls on the 31st October and is the beginning of the Celtic and Wiccan New Year. Samhain, pronounced sow-in and meaning summer’s end, represents the death of the sun god, Lugh and is one of the major festivals of the wheel of the year. It is the final harvest festival of nuts and berries and is also a fire festival. It represents nature’s cycle of  death and renewal and acknowledges the beginning and end of all things in life and nature.

It is when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, when boundaries dissolve and all is laid bare. It is a time to remember, honour  and offer hospitality to ancestors no longer with us.

Learn more about Halloween and Samhain here:


Samhain’s Eve – Jacqueline Nash

Samhain’s Eve is here
the end of the year,
Autumn has taken hold,
the harvest gathered
we prepare for the cold.

The veils are porous, thin,
boundaries dissolving,
all is laid bare, doors open,
spirits and souls mingling
with the living.

This October night, we invite
dead loved ones to visit.
To honour and remember
ancestors passed over,
when we can be together.

Tonight, a night when we
reflect on our mortality,
we review the past too,
and passing changes
are thought through.

For then we can move on
when the night is done,
greet the future to come
when the dead have returned
to the Other World. ©

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