The Loss of You – Jacqueline Nash

This poem can be taken in two ways. Initially, I wrote it about a partner suddenly dying and having to deal with that news, of facing up to the reality of what has happened. It could also be read as the break-up of a relationship, as there is no actual mention of death. For many people, the feelings experienced in the break-up of a relationship can be very similar to those who are mourning the death of a partner.


The Loss of You

Today, my whole world closed in around me
as the earth stopped turning, stood still.
The sun was switched off, I could no longer see
after being forced to swallow the bitter pill.

In the darkness I clawed, found the nearest womb,
curled into a ball, tried hard to stop thinking,
I turned off my mind, laying in my chosen gloom
awaiting salvation from this terrible awakening.

I wait here in limbo to be delivered, my rebirth,
to try and start my life anew without you.
I have to carry on with my life on this earth,
with my heart in shreds, I must continue. ©

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