Love at First Sight by Jacqueline Nash

Finally got around to writing a new post, it’s been a busy long weekend and I have great pleasure  in sharing with you that we now have a new addition to the family – our grandson, little baby Jake. In a way I suppose he is a result from the outcome of this poem.

Do you believe that love at first sight really happens? Well, this poem is true; it really happened to me and we are still together. Please feel free to comment below, I would love to hear your opinions on love at first sight or your stories.


Love at First Sight

Our eyes met across the crowded bar-room,
in an instant my heart was stolen from me.
It was as if I had been devoured by his soul
and suddenly I was drowning in a torrid sea.

Awkward at first, conversation was guarded,
neither of us wanting to say the wrong thing.
Feeling his closeness but wanting him closer,
longing for that first touch that makes your heart sing.

We left the pub; boldly he took my hand in his.
My heart skipped a beat then began to pound.
When unexpectedly he stole a quick kiss,
soft lips touching soft lips, so brief but profound.

I knew in an instant that he was the one.
I knew in an instant we were meant to be together.
I felt that I’d known him for all of my life
and I knew in an instant we’d be together forever. ©

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