The Final Journey by Jacqueline Nash

Death is always a bit of a taboo subject; people do not like talking or thinking about it. Most of us live to be a good age these days, but one thing that is certain is that we are all going to die at some point, nobody escapes death.

Some time ago I wrote a novel; a horror ghost story. This got me thinking about death and I wrote this poem “The Final Journey” for the book. I am not a religious person but tend to label myself as an agnostic. I would like to believe that there is some sort of continuation after death and so now I look upon death as the final journey, the final adventure in this life, when everything will be finally revealed to us.

Most of us do not get a choice in how we die, we can only hope that it will be a peaceful experience and not a violent death, or a death where we suffer horribly. In this poem I am trying to say that we should not fear death. The worse part is having to leave the people we love behind and it is horrible for those loved ones losing somebody they love.


The Final Journey

When death embraces us,
tenderly touching our lips to steal our final breath,
surrender willingly to its seduction,
for we must give ourselves completely, heart and soul.

We should not be afraid,
for there is nothing to fear from the inevitability of death.
It is the ultimate adventure
to an unknown destination, where the revelation of the mysteries, comes to all. ©

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