Cloak of Autumn by Jacqueline Nash

Have you ever thought about why leaves change colour in the Autumn. In the Summer, leaves are full of a green pigment which is called chlorophyll. This performs a vital role for the plant converting sunlight to food. With the onset of autumn and it’s lower light levels, the trees begin to breakdown the chlorophyll revealing the underlying accessory pigments like carotene, xanthophyll, and anthocyanin which give the leaves their characteristic fiery autumn colours. So, now you know.

Here is another of my poems about Autumn.


Cloak of Autumn

Mother Nature sheds her golden Summer Gown
and enfolds herself in a cloak of many colours.
Gently she breaths upon the earth,
turning leaves from green to yellow, red and brown.

Her breath dries the colourful leaves upon the trees
and as she blows, one by one they quietly fall.
Slowly dancing, twirling without a sound
they settle on the ground, blown into mounds by the breeze.

As her breath turns colder, a chill begins to fill the air.
She sprinkles the earth lightly o’er the night
with sparkling crystals that glitter in the morning light,
but the morning Autumn sun, though weak, soon makes them disappear.

Trees almost bare now, stand like silhouettes against the sky
and gardens are slowly stripped of plants and flowers.
Days becoming shorter when we spend evenings in the dark,
left with our dreams of those warm carefree Summer days gone by.  ©

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