Daggers by Jacqueline Nash

Today’s poem is called Daggers and is about words said in the heat of the moment. About arguments when we say things in anger that either we don’t mean or that we know we shouldn’t really have said, but they are said anyway. The trouble is, words once spoken can never be taken back. The damage is done.

Sometimes people say things that are so hurtful to people who maybe can’t do anything about the thing that is being thrown at them and those words will just reverberate in their minds forever more. We should always be careful  what we say so as not to hurt people. Afterwards, the perpetrator will say they didn’t mean what they said, it just came out or give some other excuse.

I believe that everything we say is something that is in our mind in the first place, that we have thought about it, which means that everything we say has some foundation otherwise it wouldn’t just blurt out. There is a saying which goes “Many a true word is spoken in jest”. Saying it in jest is a get out – “Oh, I was only joking.” Well, I believe the same can be said of arguments, and sometimes we say things we just should not say.



Like daggers your words struck me,
painfully, piercing my soul one by one,
they were cruel, diabolical and unnecessary
but now the damage has been done.

Those words cannot be unsaid, so unkind,
now spoken they hang in the realms of time,
etching themselves forever to the walls of my mind
and loving you had been my only crime.

You say you didn’t mean what you said,
that you’d had too much to drink; please, no,
that’s not so; I know you’re playing with my head,
playing mind games, controlling the show.

So, I really think we’d better call it a day,
there’s no point in carrying on this sad facade
when we both know there is nothing else left to say;
tragedy over, the final curtain call to this tirade.  ©

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